Being part of our family is not for everyone. We follow a strict enrolment criteria in order to ensure high standards of operations. We value our brand name and encourage our partners in the venture to do the same.

We here at MODU operate as a team, becoming part of it will allow a distributorship owner to enjoy the following privileges: 

·        A well-trained and qualified business manager will be in regular contact and will provide assistance when required.

·        An extensive operating manual for total business management. 

·        Continuous MODU brand advertising and campaign.

·        Routine business reviews

·        Networking opportunities to meet with MODU’s management and other distributorships.

·        Both products and services will enjoy bulk-buying benefits exclusive to distributorships.

·        Suggestions and recommendations on smoother project management

·        Continued contribution by MODU’s team towards growing your business through feedback, research, development and regular promotions.

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