MODU System proposes numerous elevation solutions to satisfy customer demands. A variety of established elevation design systems are available to provide range in products.

  • Continuous Carton Elevator / Lowerator
  • Gripper System
  • Incline Conveyor
  • Packet Incline Unit


MODU System Continuous Flow Elevator / Lowerators are frequently used to carry food and beverage cases, bagged goods, trays, and other similar items. It is designed to carry large payload with high speed. Continuous Flow Elevator / Lowerator liberate enough floor space in case/carton palletizing lines, warehousing, or in work-in-progress storage applications by conveying products to an overhead conveyor unit. This machine is ideal for creating aisleways, clearance for forklifts, and to move product between floors, etc.


  • Power: 230VAC or 415VAC, 3-Phase
  • Compressed Air: 5bar
  • Payload: 4.5kg - 30kg
  • Min Infeed Height:  550mm
  • Outfeed Height: 2400mm or variable
  • Throughput: up to 20 cases/min

Order Guidelines:

  • Standard infeed height: 750, 900mm or please specify
  • Standard outfeed height: 2400, 3000mm or please specify
  • Maximum product size: 400x400x400 mm

Customized configuration available upon request. Please consult MODU System representative for information regarding customization of a product

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Gripper is utilized for moving the products up and down or to put things on a hold between the conveyers or at the finishing stage of the conveyer. Two sets of conveyers are attached in a gripper in order to transport products to higher or lower elevations while taking up minimal floor space. It holds the product in a firm but gentle manner before releasing it to another conveyor.


Advantages of gripper conveyors

  • Saves floor space, reduces conveyance length and entails fewer transfers
  • Creates cooling holding area at ceiling thus maximizing space utilization.
  • Can be integrated with other devices e.g. blower and ink printing machine.
  • Easy to install and compliments site arrangement layout.

Types of Gripper Conveyor

There are four major types of gripper conveyors presented to suit customer’s need.

c-type s-type LH upender
C-Flow S-Flow Simple Gripper Upender Gripper Upender

Gripper Conveyor Functions


1. Product Elevation

Gripper conveyers picks up items from an in-feed conveyor, transports them to a higher or lower level elevation, and releases them for a discharge conveyor. The discharge end is utilized for placing the drives. Gripper conveyor is ideal for palletizing, filling, packing, buffering, blowing, etc.


2. Change Orientation

Gripper upended design alters the product placement by 90º. Gripper conveyer collect items from an in-feed conveyor, transports them to a higher or lower level elevation, and releases them for a discharge conveyor. The discharge end is utilized for placing the drives.


3. Product De-Puck

A basic de-pucking system could be realized by installing a short gripper conveyor on top of plain chain conveyor. The bottles that have been already filled are detached from puck when entering gripper conveyor and transferred to another conveyor for capping process while the puck is returned to the initial point in order to fill empty bottles.

c-type with infeed

4. Product Reverting

Lifts items from an in-feed conveyor, inverts product orientation, and releases them on to a discharge conveyor. The discharge end is utilized for placing the drives. Prior to entering filling machine, Product reverting conveyor is utilized for cleaning and drying.

cross over

5. Creating Passage Way

Lifts items from a horizontal in-feed conveyor, transports the product above a reasonable height at a short distance, then lowers and levels out to release them to a horizontal discharge conveyor, allowing enough access for the operator or fork lifter from each side.

inverter air riser

6. Inverter Air Rinser

Lifts products from a horizontal in-feed conveyor, topples them at an angle of 180º, transports them through an air cleaning or air cleaning/ionizing sector (or any other category of specific process or equipment as defined by the customer), topples them back to their original angle and releases them to horizontal discharge conveyor.

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MODU System incline conveyor is created specifically for single or multiple lane elevation. It allows constant elevation of products.

Standard features

  • High capacity in-line elevation and loweration
  • Speedy elevation of products in single or multiple lanes
  • Elevates products above head smoothly to free up valuable floor space


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Packet incline unit allows a mild and efficient approach in elevation of packs. The conveyor is fitted with soft rollers to accomplish vertical transport on a flocked or plain chain.

This incline unit permits elevation without disturbance during transference between conveyors, both to and from the incline.

Standard features

  • No extra drive components necessary
  • Simply fitted and constituted to a prevailing system
  • Even supervision of product
  • No supplementary controls needed.
  • No friction chain needed.
  • • Appropriate for inclining or declining packets

Please consult MODU representative for more information.

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